Retrofit Your Cooling Tower to the Existing Basin

Save New Basin's Construction's Costs and Minimize Production's Down Time!


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The Retrofit Advantage

YWCT specializes in adjusting field erected cooling towers made of FRP to the existing concrete basin, thereby providing its customers with various advantages‭:‬

  • Minimizing production downtime
  • On-site erection of new tower parallel to existing cooling towers' operation
  • Increasing cooling capacity using the available footprint
  • Optimizing new cooling tower's anergy consumption
  • Adjusting fill type to current water quality parameters‭
  • The newly retrofitted FRP towers will have a life-cycle of more than 25 yers

Donetsk Steel Metalworks‭ | ‬The Ukraine 2013

Field Erected Cooling Tower Made of FRP‭ ‬Retrofitted to an Existing Basin

Determined to Cool

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